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QVC Announces HD Launch for Early 2008

QVC, one of the world’s largest multimedia retailers announced this week that it plans to launch a high definition simulcast of its domestic broadcasts in the first quarter of 2008.

QVC has been updating its storefront with fresh sets and new graphics as part of its multi-tiered brand campaign, launched last month. The brand launch, QVC’s first-ever national campaign in its 21-year history, is one of several initiatives the company has undertaken to evolve from a TV shopping channel to a multimedia retailer.

In May, QVC conducted one of the industry’s largest and most technically challenging digital switchovers, when it transitioned its broadcast cameras to HD literally overnight.

“HD is the next logical step in bringing our viewers enhanced programming,” said QVC Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and TV Sales Angie Simmons. “The simulcast will provide stunning clarity, enabling us to bring our products to life.”

According to QVC’s Senior Vice President of Affiliate Sales and Marketing Al Ulozas, “Our almost $200 million a year commission stream is very important to our distributors, and we anticipate that the carriage of QVCHD will only complement that performance.”