Quincy University to host digital radio and television conference

Quincy University's Engineering Program is hosting a one-day conference on Digital Television and Digital Radio. The conference will take place from 8am to 5pm on Nov. 6, in the Hall of Fame Room of QU’s Health and Fitness Center located 20th & Oak, Quincy, Illinois. The conference cost $50 in advance and $75 on the day of the conference. Lunch is included.

The Conference aims to bring together the technical community and broadcaster interests in an environment that allows solutions, implementations and new ideas to be presented in a technical forum. The conference will focus on problems and solutions to advance those who participate. Experts from around the country are expected to participate.

Companies planning to present at the conference include:
Broadcast Electronics
Harris Broadcast Communications
Andrew Corporation
Dielectric Communications
Thales Broadcast and Multimedia
Continental Electronics

For more info visit www.quincy.edu/colleges/programs/engineering/.

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