Quincy Stations Automate With DTG AIRO

Austin, TX--Digital Transaction Group (DTG) has announced an agreement to equip the Quincy Newspapers, Inc (QNI) television stations with the latest AIRO XDS automation system. DTG is beginning the first of nine AIRO XDS installations for the Quincy group this month.
Brady Dreasler, director of engineering for QNI, chose the AIRO software and Digital Transaction Group after input from the station engineers and looking at other broadcast automation vendors: "The group at DTG has been very responsive to what we want to do and we look forward to a positive long-term relationship."
Digital Transaction Group also recently shipped an XDS package to WYGN Channel 12 in Berrien Springs, MI. The DTG automation package, AIRO 101, includes the AIRO XDS, eXtensible Device Server and the 360 Systems Image Server 2000 with 48 hours of storage.
Digital Transaction Group