Quantum shows StorNext 4.0 data management software

Quantum demonstrated a broadcast workflow and tiered storage environment enabled by its StorNext 4.0 data management software at IBC2010.

StorNext 4.0 software provides real-time, high-performance access, sharing, management, tiering and archiving of media files to optimize and speed production of final content.

StorNext 4.0 offers several new features, including partial file retrieval, replication and distributed data movers. For active archiving purposes, the software provides media-aware, timecode-based partial file retrieval (PFR) to streamline workflow in media asset management applications. Operating in real time, PFR allows segments of large media files, rather than the entire file, to be retrieved and used quickly based on timecode parameters.

The new replication engine provides options for protecting and managing data across distributed environments. New distributed data movers (DDMs) deliver added performance to StorNext's Storage Manager archiving software.