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Projection: HD Prices Will Drop by Black Friday

(From HD Notebook)

You've probably heard this every year this decade at this time, but it may be more true than usual this time around: Between a truly worrisome economy and some serendipitous over-supply of stock, HD products could hit record-low price points for this holiday selling season. So if you're in the market for that first (second or third) HD monitor and some hard-saved money is burning a hole in your wallet or purse, holding off another few weeks could save you cash.

DisplaySearch, an industry consultancy based in Austin, Texas, says that prices of both plasma and LCD prices will soon lower significantly—a scenario that may first become apparent on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in America (a day that often is unduly credited with being the biggest sales day of the season). This year Black Friday falls on Nov. 28.

The research analyst said an oversupply of LCD sets, as well as a renewed competition between LCD and plasma makers (in some cases, made by the same firms), and a greater choice in screen sizes likely will lessen price points more than usual. Prices could drop as much as 20 percent (on average) below holiday 2007 prices, while plasma units could fall even more.

Couple these factors with some negative predictions for the holiday season overall, due to the U.S. economy, and both manufacturers and retailers (including big-box outlets) will lower prices as much as feasible to move product off the shelf.