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Pro-Bel to debut new 3Gb/s router at NAB

Pro-Bel will launch a new router at NAB that includes an optional touch-screen user interface. The new 3Gb/s (1080p) router offers a mix of video and audio routing modularity with optional SFP 3Gb/s fiber-optic cards in a cost-effective frame.

The large-scale router can be expanded up to 1152 x 1152 by linking two frames via multiway cables without the need for external splitters or combiners. Further capacity is added by linking more frames, even when the system is in use.

The frame architecture has also been designed to incorporate a new breed of high-performance processing input and output modules. The first of these will be a de-embedder/embedder that passes embedded audio signals from all inputs to an internal 9216 x 9216 time-division multiplex audio crosspoint, allowing users to route, shuffle and process any embedded audio signal on any input to any output. The frame can also be fitted with AES input and output modules to directly link into the embedded audio routing architecture.

Both video and audio switching inside the router is redundant using a new architecture developed to provide complete reliability without incurring a price premium.