Pro-Bel launches Morpheus Foundation

Pro-Bel has launched Morpheus Foundation, an entry-level automation system that provides essential functionality with an out-of-the-box approach to installation and commissioning.

Capitalizing on ongoing development with parent product Morpheus, Morpheus Foundation lays the groundwork for broadcasters to easily transition to automation. Based on format- and device-independent platforms, Morpheus Foundation provides a self-contained, fast and responsive environment to control from one to six delivery channels.

By capturing in detail a user's requirements and planned environment at the time of purchase, the system is fully specified and configured at the factory. This means that it can be shipped, installed and commissioned as fast as possible, the company said.

Pro-Bel said Morpheus Foundation addresses all the key areas of content management and delivery: ingest (live, from tape or direct file import), storage management, playout, master control and router automation, real-time manual intervention and feedback, graphics/logo insertion, closed captioning/subtitling, GPI interface, extended data services, EAS integration for the U.S. market, traffic interface, schedule and as-run log conversion options.

However, the system can also be expanded as businesses require, and there is a clearly defined upgrade path to Morpheus.

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