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Pixelmetrix announces 8VSB broadcast monitoring

Pixelmetrix, a specialist in preventative monitoring technology for digital television networks, has introduced an 8VSB interface module for its DVStation. The module, now available, accepts an 8VSB RF input, and allows digital terrestrial broadcasters to implement a complete automated monitoring strategy using DVStation.

The interface allows DVStation to measure 8VSB modulation quality, monitor the MPEG-2 transport stream, PSIP compliance and validate program content. Signal measurements include RF level, signal quality and bit error ratios at various points in the forward error correction chain. A graphical display uses color coding to highlight actual constellation, pilot and data carrier points. Unattended monitoring of RF, modulation and transport stream parameters can be accomplished through user-defined alarms.

DVStation’s alarm subsystem can trigger actions that include simple log entries, audible alerts, SNMP traps, contact closures and transport stream recording (96MB) with internal playback. Other user-programmable actions can include e-mail or pager notification.

The device can be expanded with modules as the operator’s needs change.

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