Pixel Power to show channel-branding solutions

At NAB2008, Pixel Power will spotlight a number of channel-branding solutions, including its popular LogoVision system. Installed in a broadcaster's master control environment, LogoVision is available with SD and HD support and electronically inserts a variety of branding and other graphics elements in a highly automated way.

LogoVision adds multiple clocks, multilayer static and animated logos, text crawls and support for a number of common graphics formats. It’s designed with several flexible interfaces for seamless integration into any automated master control environment.

The company will also show PixelPromo, a software application used in conjunction with Pixel Power’s Clarity character generators and LogoVision branding systems to automate channel branding and promotions. PixelPromo automatically imports data from the station’s traffic system and uses the graphic system to build promotional page sequences based on predefined templates. It also automatically revises promos based on real-time schedule information.

The newest version, Pixel Promo DJ, expands this concept into the realm of multichannel applications by managing an entire network of Clarity graphics devices to create a highly automated, multichannel branding solution. Pixel Promo DJ features unique intelligence that enables it to automatically create appropriate graphics sequences for each program junction, adjusting on the fly for changing time requirements.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.