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Pinnacle Systems and the Associated Press speed the delivery of breaking news stories

Pinnacle Systems has partnered with the Associated Press (AP) for integration between the two companies' broadcast news solutions. The integration will increase the speed with which broadcasters can deliver breaking news on air.

By linking Pinnacle's Vortex networked news systems and AP Electronic News Productions Systems (ENPS), both companies plan to provide everyone in the news production environment with one-click instant access to any news asset including text, video, graphics and stills, thereby streamlining operations and reducing time-to-air for breaking news.

Users can browse Vortex assets directly within ENPS applications to quickly get the additional depth of information they need to complete news stories. Pinnacle's support for the MOS protocol extends interoperability to broadcast production systems including the entire line of Pinnacle Thunder clip servers and Deko on-air graphics products.

Vortex is also interoperable with the AP's new SNAPfeed video transmission software to provide seamless access to assets created by journalists in the field. SNAPfeed uses Pinnacle video editing technology to enable broadcasters in the field to ingest video into their laptops and then optimize the transfer of the material directly into the newsroom where it quickly becomes accessible to Vortex editors.

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