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Philips, eventIS Demonstrate 3D Video-on-Demand at IBC2007

At IBC2007, Philips demonstrated 3D video-on-demand using eventIS metadata systems and Philips 3D displays — without special viewing glasses.

Philips said this proves that the new 3D video format, based on "2D-plus-depth," can easily be integrated into existing media distribution and management systems, such as video-on-demand (VOD) via cable, satellite, Internet or terrestrial broadcasting.

Given the recent developments in 3D screens, efficient 3D content creation and media technology could be in place within the next few years, said Philips.

In the demo, eventIS used a library of 3D animated, stereoscopic and 2D-to-3D converted videos. Its metadata management systems are used by major European VOD operators. They automate the complete VOD flow from subscriber requests, to video assets management and monetization.

"2D-plus-depth" is now standardized in MPEG and offers the flexibility to deliver a high-quality 3D viewing experience with minimal bandwidth requirements, said Jos Swillens, CEO of Philips 3D Solutions.