Phase 3 Taps ChyroHego for Virtual Placement in Football Broadcasts

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Phase 3 Productions, one of the Caribbean’s largest production companies, has pegged ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement to enhance live broadcasts of football matches for the Red Stripe Premiere League. Phase 3 Productions says it is using Virtual Placement visual graphics to create a more compelling viewing experience for fans.

Kingston, Jamaica-based Phase 3 Productions has provided video production services for the Red Stripe Premiere league for several years. Deploying ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement technology is the first step in creating new levels of sophistication and production values for live football matches, the company said. For the current 2014-2015 season, Virtual Placement streamlines sponsor’s logos onto the field and creates visual ads during halftime. In the near future, Phase 3 says it will expand its use of virtual placement graphics to include detailed player position and game analysis.

“By embracing cutting-edge technologies such as ChyronHego’s graphics technologys, Phase 3 Productions has done much to elevate the standard for broadcasting not only in Jamaica but the entire Caribbean region,” said Aldo Campisi, vice president of Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, ChyronHego