PESA Routers Blanket Athens for the Olympics

Several international broadcasters are using PESA routing switchers to provide coverage of the ongoing Summer Olympics in Athens, including organizations from Greece, Spain, Korea and the Netherlands. The company's routers have found their way into both fixed (studio) and mobile-production applications.

An example is the Mobile Production 1 trailer from Greece's Outdoor Broadcast Solutions, an expandable trailer with a 35-unit monitor wall and full SDI production capability. The internal routing is provided by PESA Cougar and Jaguar switchers, handling SDI video and analog audio.

Korea Broadcast Systems is feeding high-definition video back to home viewers through a PESA Cheetah 64x64 HD router, augmented by a Cougar 32x32 router for standard-definition switching.

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) is using a PESA Tiger as the main "pool" router that feeds signals to EBU client broadcasters throughout Europe. The EBU feeds include signals from the main stadium as well as all the satellite venues.

Most of the PESA routers at the Summer Olympics are controlled by the company's 3500PRO series programmable controller, with a variety of computer and dedicated-panel access points.