Penta Studiotechnik highlights two new Stretch panel monitors

Penta Studiotechnik is showcasing two Stretch panel prototypes (PDP-3HE and PDP-4HE) as a new part of its HD2line series: a quad-split as well as the new 55in Class 1 broadcast monitor.

The Stretch panel is a 10-bit HD broadcast monitor that can display two quadrants (PDP-4HE) or three quadrants (PDP-3HE). The monitor uses one electronic unit, is fan- and noise-free and replaces dual or triple display in one monitor. The resolutions of the stretch panels are 1920 x 400 (PDP-3HE) and 1920 x 500 (PDP-4HE).

Penta's new stretch panel gives the possibility to show UMD in each quadrant, eight audio signals (eight mono or four stereo) and the user can even display different boarders and layouts (full screen, native resolution).

See Penta Studiotechnik at 2012 NAB Show booth N214.