Pasternack Enterprises Expands High-Power Attenuator Line

IRVINE, CALIF.:Pasternack Enterprises is rolling out a new line of 100 Watt high-power attenuators. This new line of attenuators is intended for applications requiring reliable and consistent frequency levels up to 6 GHz.

The RF attenuators operate from DC to 6 GHz and have an average power rating of 100 Watts, with power handling capabilities of 2,000 Watts.

These high-power fixed attenuators from Pasternack are made with anodized aluminum heatsink bodies and can be ordered with passivated stainless steel SMA, TNC and N connectors and silver-plated brass 7/16 DIN connectors.

Pasternack’s high power coax attenuators are manufactured with large cooling fins which help dissipate excess heat, allowing them to operate between temperature ranges of -55 to +125 degrees Celsius.

The line includes a range of attenuation and connector options. The 100 Watt attenuators come in 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB, 40 dB and 60 dB models. A total of 42 different male or female 7/16 DIN, SMA, N and TNC in-series and between-series connector combinations are available, and each new high power microwave attenuator is RoHS compliant.

“Our new line of 100W directional high power RF attenuators is a great addition to the breadth and depth of our high power attenuator product family,” said Pasternack’s VP of Technical Services Gerry Camacho.