Panasonic presents AG-AF100A large imager HD cinema camcorder

Panasonic has introduced the AG-AF100A. The large imager HD cinema camcorder offers significant improvements and cost-efficiencies over its predecessor, the AG-AF100.

The AF100A features 10-bit (enhanced 8 bit) 4:2:2 quality output for better gradation of tonal areas when recording onto external devices, such as a P2 HD recorder. The HD-SDI signal also carries a sync signal for the Rec Start/Stop with the AF100A trigger. Further, the AF100A is equipped with the expanded focus assist function, which enlarges the center of the displayed image for greater ease in focusing, as well as a 2.39:1 (cinema scope size) safety zone marker.

In addition to the high-quality PH recording mode (average approx. 21Mb/s, maximum 24Mb/s), the AF100A complies with the AVCHD ver. 2.0 (AVCHD Progressive) standard with its new PS mode (average approx. 25Mb/s, maximum 28Mb/s) for recording, playing and outputting (via HDMI only) full-HD progessive (1080/59.94p, 1080/50p) images. The PS/PH modes support uncompressed 16-bit LPCM two-channel audio recording. The AF100A also features two-channel XLR audio input terminals for full uncompressed audio recording.

Like the AF100, the AF100A incorporates a large 4/3in, 16:9 MOS imager (with an imaging area just slightly smaller than 35mm cinema film) that minimizes skew with fast imager scanning and an optical low-pass filter for elimination of aliasing and moiré.

Weighing just 3.5lbs, the AF100A offers features such as Dynamic Range Stretch in all modes and frame rates; six built-in, customizable scene files that are exhangeable for quick and easy matching between multiple cameras, seven built-in gamma curves with four selectable color matrices; a built-in optical ND filter; adjustable shutter speed and Synchro-scan function; and a high-resolution, variable angle color LCD monitor and tiltable viewfinder.