PAG to debut four-channel charger

PAG will showcase its new V4-iPC four-channel charger for V-Mount Li-Ion batteries at IBC2006, featuring its fully automatic, efficient Intelligent Parallel Charging regime.

The three-phase regime includes:

  • Pre-Charge, which prepares shutdown or deeply discharged batteries for charge acceptance;
  • Testing, which determines the type and state-of-charge of the batteries and the maximum current that can be applied;
  • Charging, which shares the charge current intelligently between the channels, to provide usable capacity as quickly as possible, and achieve four fully charged batteries in the most efficient way.

The PAG V4-iPC Charger incorporates four V-Mount compatible connectors and is suitable for charging V-Mount Li-Ion batteries manufactured either by PAG or Sony.

See PAG at IBC2006 stand 11.620 or visit: