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OptiTrack ships affordable motion capture system

OptiTrack is now shipping its Insight VCS virtual camera system, which was introduced at the 2010 SIGGRAPH conference this summer. The Insight VCS is affordably priced and ideal for a variety of previsualization and production applications that require sophisticated computer graphics or real-world camera work into virtual productions.

The Insight VCS has been adopted by a number of previsualization, film production and video game development companies, such as Nvizage, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Monolith Productions, Halon Entertainment, Animatrik Film Design and Spark Unlimited.

Sold as a two-part system, the Insight VCS consists of a hardware camera rig and software interface. As the hardware rig is tracked throughout the motion capture volume, absolute 6 DOF position and orientation data is streamed live via software plug-in, to either Autodesk MotionBuilder or Maya, to drive the virtual camera within the 3-D application. Real-time reference video is streamed out of the MotionBuilder or Maya application back to the VCS display, creating a low-latency visual feedback loop, similar to the viewfinder of a digital camera.

To ensure compatibility with a variety of production workflows, the Insight VCS has a universal option for interoperability with any existing optical motion capture system — including OptiTrack, Vicon and Motion Analysis — that can track marker-based rigid bodies and stream data to Autodesk MotionBuilder.