Optibase Releases Streaming Server

Optibase, a broadband streaming provider, has announced the MGW 2400, an encoding and Microsoft Windows Media compatible streaming server targeted to both home and business.

MGW 2400 can compress and stream, in multicast or on-demand unicast, up to six live Windows Media-compliant streams and can control up to four servers, simultaneously uploading the encoded streams to the servers for time-shifted or on-demand distribution.

The streaming platform lets service providers offer broadband services like VOD and network PVR over DSL and cable modems to subscribers. MGW 2400 encodes and streams channels to the customer's home PC, most of which have Windows Media Player pre-installed, which alleviates downloading special player applications.

Optibase hopes that larger companies will use the MGW 2400 to multicast live business and information channels over their existing LAN to desktop PCs with Windows Media Player for TV over LAN applications such as corporate communications, distance learning and business TV.