OmniBus launches iTX software-based transmission solution for IPTV

OmniBus Systems, has announced the introduction of iTX transmission software for IPTV applications. By replicating all the functions of master control, iTX enables IPTV service providers, online broadcasters, mobile TV services, content aggregators, and media portals to launch new services using a single software-based transmission solution.

iTX system software coordinates all of the systems and related protocols to enable transmission; serving as video server, master control, graphics, and logo inserter with functionality including automation, ingest, editing, and basic content management. This format-independent, and bit rate-agnostic solution can mix DV, MPEG1, 2 & 4, AVI, and WMV formats and will scale incoming media of any resolution to the appropriate output format, enabling SD and HD content to be mixed on the same playlist.

Captions, logos, vision effects, and even audio effects are built into the interface, and a preview function allows the user to validate complete sequences before they air.

Available with servers optimized with AMD Opteron processors, as well as modifications that maximize bandwidth use and real-time video processing, iTX serves as a playout solution for moderately-sized transmission facilities, emerging transmission markets, disaster recovery systems, or companies launching IPTV services.

More information about OmniBus Systems' iTX solution is available at