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OmniBus Automation to Control Ultra-Modern Newsroom Facilities at Central Florida News ¢¼

OmniBus Systems today announced that Central Florida News 13, a Bright House Networks newschannel, is installing OmniBus automation within its Orlando facility to enable streamlined production and 24-hour delivery of local news, weather, and sports programming.

The OmniBus system will integrate with other leading broadcast technologies including a Pinnacle Systems Vortex video server, AP's ENPS newsroom production system, and VertigoXmedia graphics automation for round-the-clock local news coverage presented in the same "wheel" format in use at Tampa, FL, all-news cable channel Bay News 9. The facility will rely on OmniBus automation for playout of both live and recorded segments and delivery of continuous, up-to-the-minute newscasts for News 13 viewers.

"Selecting OmniBus Systems as the provider of our new automation systems was an easy choice for us," said Robin Smythe, general manager at News 13. "Based upon the successful performance of the OmniBus automation system recently launched at Bay News 9, our sister 24-hour newschannel, we felt the decision to go with the same type of solution held minimal risk. We're very excited about the added functionality and improved efficiency the OmniBus automation system will bring to our operations."

Central Florida News 13's new OmniBus automation system will serve as the facility's central interface for controlling devices, getting feedback, and relaying playout messages. The OmniBus Desktop Control (ODC) interface will give news reporters and other staff the ability to search and browse archived material, create graphics, put production elements for studio events into the script and control a variety of other functions from a single desktop.