OmniBus and Masstech Group Cooperate to Deliver Streamlined Solution for Multichannel Origination

Tightly integrated OmniBus automation and Masstech media lifecycle management systems offer reliable and proven solution for multichannel broadcasting.

OmniBus Systems and Masstech Group announced that they are working together to provide clients with tightly integrated automation and content management solutions that enable highly efficient multi-channel broadcast workflows. The companies' close cooperation has been critical to the success of streamlined multichannel operations for a number of broadcasters including Atlanta-based Crawford Communications, which consolidated tapeless origination of 37 channels on the OmniBus and Masstech solutions, as well as PBS member station Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) and members of the PBS ACE consortium.

"The ability of Masstech systems to move and manage content so that material is in the right location at the right time is fundamental to accurate playout within complex multichannel environments. This capability in turn allows our automation systems to provide broadcasters the functionality they need for cost-effective and efficient transmission operations," said Dave Polyard, senior vice president of sales and marketing at OmniBus Systems. "We're very pleased to be working with Masstech Group in engineering and delivering innovative, reliable solutions to the broadcast industry."

"We have established a reputation for supporting companies like OmniBus Systems with products that address workflow and content management in a synergistic way -- enhancing the company's core application while building a foundation for growth across the entire facility," said Joe French, vice president of sales and marketing for Masstech Group. "No one company within our industry can do it all, and successful installations today require visionary solutions from various disciplines without compromising the overall solution. This cooperation is an exciting example of how highly integrated, leading-edge solutions can move the industry forward."

OmniBus Systems' unique multichannel automation and control system features an architecture that allows users to expand channel output incrementally, in small or large steps, and maintain a high quality of service while meeting both their technical and business goals. Proven OmniBus device drivers control traditional equipment while incorporating innovations such as data-streaming technology, allowing the system to bridge the gap between video, audio, Internet, and data-streaming applications. The system's timeline-based display enables a single operator to monitor the status of all channels instantaneously, or to focus in on any single stream, confirm its data, and drive it in the traditional manner should the schedule require it.

The Masstech MassStore? system provides an integrated, end-to-end nearline, archive, and asset management solution for advanced broadcast and content management applications. The system interfaces with existing station automation systems, video servers, and archives while providing an advanced asset management core for single- and multichannel environments. All material within a facility, whether on video servers, intermediary RAID cache, data libraries, or even media storage shelves, is constantly tracked by MassStore and made available for playout automatically as needed.

Within the workflow engineered by the two companies, the ingest of tape-based material is controlled by OmniBus automation, which allows for quality checking even as material is ingested. The MassStore media lifecycle management system moves the digital asset into the appropriate storage device for archiving, editing, or playout. When a playlist is loaded onto the automation system, the OmniBus and Masstech systems together pull the content back from storage, route it to the playout server, and then transmit the media out for broadcast.