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Omneon Offers Pinnacle Server Trade-In Program

In a move that leverages any uncertainty in the minds of Pinnacle server owners with the impending acquisition of the company by Avid, Omneon Video Networks is now offering trade-in credits to existing users of Pinnacle's MediaStreams when they purchase new Omneon Spectrum servers.

This new program allows customers to trade-up to the very latest Omneon server technology in order to take advantage of the full feature set of the Omneon Spectrum series. Included with the offer is free migration of content whereby the company will provide either a free copy of the Omneon MigrateTool software (license value of $10,000) or professional services to convert and transfer up to 100 hours of existing content to the new Omneon systems. The MigrateTool only converts wrapper information while leaving the essense untouched allowing migration from Grass Valley, Pinnacle, SeaChange, Lietch, Quantel, and SGI media servers.

"This program is designed to make it easy for customers to move to the latest generation of open-standards server architecture," said Geoff Stedman, vice president of marketing for Omneon. "Legacy servers locked customers in with proprietary encoding formats and offered very restrictive expansion capabilities. Omneon systems are the antithesis of the old designs, and our trade-up program will help release users from those previous restrictions and give them freedom to choose a more advanced solution."

The trade-up program consists of 1) an end user buyback of up to $10,000 for every Pinnacle system replaced and returned to Omneon; and 2) customer choice of either a free copy of the Omneon MigrateTool software, or free professional services, provided by Omneon at the customer location, to convert and transfer up to 100 hours of material from existing Pinnacle servers to a new Omneon system.

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