Omneon, Avalon Integrate Storage, Server Products

EMC Avalon Product Group, a provider of storage management systems for the broadcast industry, and media server supplier Omneon Video Networks have combined their products into a DTV transition-friendly model. The companies integrated AVALONidm data storage management software with Omneon's Media Server System to make it adaptable to all content types for customers archiving in multiple formats of video and audio.

AVALONidm is a group of software products that allows users to create customized data workflow models and transfer them among locations. Omneon's Media Server System is a scalable, data-based independent platform that offers shared-storage and fault tolerant redundancy for online media delivery. Users can incrementally add clients and channels as new revenue streams develop.

This product will soon be in Norfolk, Va.-based PBS station WHRO as part of a DTV facility upgrade that is being managed by Communication Engineering Inc.