Omneon and Pro-Bel Partner Up

Omneon and Pro-Bel joined forces with their respective storage and automation systems. The two Sunnyvale, Calif. companies are integrating Pro-Bel Morpheus automation systems with the Omneon storage servers, including MediaGrid. The result is a comprehensive storage and playout infrastructure under the control of one management system.

The system is up and running at Turner Entertainment Networks International in London, where Omneon Spectrum servers, under control of the Pro-Bel Morpheus system, manage content flow and playout for 20 channels.

Omneon MediaGrid provides central online storage, at any time holding an inventory of several months of content so that on-air Spectrum servers can be populated with material as needed. Morpheus manages the movement of material from and to the MediaGrid, assuring that the required material is available on the Spectrum servers.