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OConnor introduces Cine follow focus

OConnor has introduced the Cine Follow Focus CFF-1, the first of a new line of professional camera accessories.

Constructed of lightweight anodized 7075-grade aluminum, the CFF-1 has a multifunctional, modular design that eliminates the hassle of juggling separate bridge plates. A single snap-on bridge clamps onto either 15mm or 19mm studio rod systems. (An optional LWS bridge is also available.)

With the lowest clearance available in a double-sided studio unit, OConnor’s follow focus is ideal for large diameter lenses such as the Angenieux 24-290mm, RED 18-85mm, Fujinon 18-85mm, and Fujinon 75-400mm. The CFF-1 integrates seamlessly with existing accessories such as whips, gears and cranks.

For better integration with all lens and mattebox configurations, the CFF-1 swing arm can be mounted on either side of the bridge. OConnor’s main follow focus bridge slides independently of the support bridge dovetail. A horizontal sliding adjustment mechanism lets the operator locate the focus driver gear so the line of sight to the lens witness mark is always clear.

Handwheels have eccentric adjustments to allow for flexible positioning. The CFF-1 uses custom-cut, low-runout gears to guarantee exacting focus pulling with less play and higher accuracy every time.