NVISION Announces Smallest Big Router in the World

NVISION, the leading provider of high-reliability routing systems used in TV broadcast and post production, announced the worldwide launch of the NV8288 Digital Video Router, specifically designed for use in video production trucks and other applications where space is limited. The NV8288 delivers the same high level of performance and reliability of NVISION’s large-scale studio routers at half the size (10 RU), half the depth (12 inches deep), half the weight (approximately 150 lb.), and half the power consumption (less than two kilowatts) of other large-scale routers on the market.

As with all NVISION routing systems, all modules in the NV8288, including power supplies and cooling fans are front-serviceable and hot-swappable, which simplifies installation, upgrades, and service. Running at data rates up to 1.5Gbits/sec, the NV8288 is engineered to be 3Gbits/s-capable for future signal formats such as 1080P HD.

Built for HD, the NV8288 supports all standard SD data rates, and is ASI-compliant. The basic NV8288 can be configured for systems ranging in size from 12 x 12 up to 288 x 576. For customers planning for future needs, the NV8288 Plus offers the same I/O block size, but is expandable with a second frame to 576 x 576. No matter the size, the front-serviceable modules assure customers of ease of expansion and an easy upgrade path to future technologies. Both models continue the NVISION hallmark of providing customers with superior routing technology at a lower total cost of ownership.

“Two factors play a role in our ability to develop breakthrough routing systems like the NV8288—our single focus on innovating routing technology, and listening and responding to our customers about their applications and requirements,” said Chuck Meyer, president of NVISION. “NVISION is the first routing system provider to address the specific needs of mobile trucks and other applications where size really matters. These users can now have NVISION proven, error-free signal quality in a form factor that is sized for their environment, without sacrificing performance or I/O capacity.”

Corplex, a leading provider of video production trucks for large TV networks, such as CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN to name a few, uses NVISION routing systems today. “In our business, the routing system is the single, most important piece of equipment on the truck, with reliability, flexibility, and signal quality being imperatives. Our customers demand error-free signal transmission and NVISION helps us make this happen,“ stated Dave Greany, vice president of engineering at Corplex. “NVISION routers deliver on all our criteria and they win on responsiveness as well—providing an unheard of three week delivery for a built-to-spec, fully loaded HD, SD, routing system for our newest 53-foot HD truck.” This same price-performance value and level of service is what customers can expect with the new NV8288 Digital Video Router.