NORTV selects Irdeto Access M-Crypt system

NORTV has purchased the Irdeto M-Crypt conditional access (CA) system. The system will provide digital MMDS pay-TV services to customers in the Londrinas region of the Parana state of Brazil. Irdeto's M-Crypt DVB is a compact conditional access system designed specifically for small to medium-sized operators.

The Irdeto M-Crypt range of modules includes:

  • M-Crypt EPG- Electronic Program Guide to insert DVB Service Information that constitute the EPG when processed by the STB;
  • M-Crypt Schedule- to play out EPG data at predetermined times;
  • M-Crypt CodeDownload- to allow STB software upgrade over the air

The Irdeto M-Crypt DVB supports up to 100,000 subscribers.

NORTV purchased an Irdeto M-Crypt to provide customers with digital television access. The MMDS network will support a coverage area spanning the cities of Cambe, Rolandia, Ibipora, and Jataizinho. It is now fully operational.

The company also plans to expand its conditional access services to include interactive television programming, TV and Internet convergence applications, gaming, and distance learning.

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