Nicole Starrett Promoted to Director of Electrical Engineering at Dielectric

Nicole Starrett
Nicole Starrett (Image credit: Dielectric)

Dielectric has appointed Nicole Starrett to the position of director of electrical engineering. She will direct a team of engineers and technicians and manage coordination between Dielectric’s Antenna and RF Systems departments.

Starrett reports to Vice President of Engineering John Schadler.

“Nicole has proven her capabilities over the years to design solutions that directly benefit our customers as well as a healthy bottom line for the company,” Schadler said. “We look forward to Nicole’s contributions in a well-deserved role that applies her talents across a broader set of management and engineering responsibilities.”

The company said Starrett has played an instrumental role in transitioning Dielectric to more efficient design and production processes since joining the company nine years ago. Her implementation of software-based antenna design accelerated production schedules from weeks to days and increased operational efficiencies—both of which paid dividends through the busy spectrum repack period.

Starrett is also responsible for the original work and modeling for Dielectric’s new broadband pylon antenna. She was active in the simulation and development of two Dielectric products—the DCRU high-power multi-station FM antenna and the APT panel TV antenna with its variable vertical component.