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NextComputing Vigor EX stands up to rigors of field use

NextComputing has announced its latest rugged portable workstation computer, the Vigor EX.

Built to withstand harsh environments and handling, the Vigor EX packs high-end workstation performance in a durable chassis for anyone who needs to run demanding software applications in the field.

Graphics- or processing-intensive applications like HD digital video processing require high-end, powerful computer hardware to run properly. However, for mobile deployments where size, weight, power and cooling are a concern, a typical rack-mount server is oftentimes too large, heavy and power consuming. The Vigor EX is well-suited for these situations.

The Vigor EX features

  • Dual-chassis design with shock-mounted internal chassis suspended in a rugged, mil-anodized external chassis with no metal-to-metal contact;
  • Single- or dual-processor, low-power Intel Xeon architecture or single Intel Core i7 processor;
  • Up to 48GB ECC or 24GB non-ECC DDR3 memory (RAM); and
  • More than 7TB internal storage capacity with upward of 1.2GB/s sustained RAID write performance.