NewTek Announces TriCaster Virtual Set Editor

Tricaster has announced the release of its new Virtual Set Editor product that provides users of TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300 systems with tools for customizing their virtual sets.

“With the quantity of live shows being produced every day, both for broadcast and the Web, it's crucial that producers are able to personalize their programming with a look that viewers will recognize,” said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s executive vice president of engineering. “TriCaster VSE lets users of TriCaster TCXD850 and TriCaster TCXD300, customize live virtual sets or create them from scratch. The intuitive interface allows for quick and easy navigation, and producers will find it a very affordable approach to designing a studio environment that is every bit as unique as their content.”

The Virtual Set Editor includes three TriCaster VSE-compatible set content files, three layer sets, and also three PSD examples. With the new toolset, once virtual set customization has been completed, users are able to export the set to their TriCaster systems for immediate use in live production.