New VP Global Marketing & Strategy for RFS

Radio Frequency Systems has appointed Eric Mariette to the key role of Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy. Mariette's remit is to ensure the company's range of RF products is fully visible to the global wireless sector, and that its future product development meets the demands of the industry.

"Our approach is to look at the 'big picture' solution—not just the immediate problem. For example, the challenge of migrating from GSM 900MHz to UMTS 900MHz encompasses a deal more than a choice of antenna; it also introduces interesting co-location interference issues, requiring sophisticated filtering solutions. By having a total system approach, RFS is able to predict what other issues might arise and deal with them before they occur," said Mariette.

Mariette comes to RFS with 20 years' experience in sales, marketing and business operations in the telecommunications and IT sector. He has previously held posts at Alcatel-Lucent were he was Asia Pacific Vice President of Business Support and Operations for the mobile communications and convergence groups.