New video wall controller card from Matrox Graphics

Matrox Graphics has developed a new PCI Express circuit board for complete control of video walls, called the Matrox Mura controller board. The company said it can be used to capture four full 1080p HD inputs and simultaneously drive four monitors at up to 2048 x 1080, while maintaining full RGB 888 image quality. The new controller board features a x16 bus interface to offer users 64Gb/s of bandwidth while the 10-slot Matrox Mura switch fabric can deliver 512Gb/s upstream and downstream for a total throughput of 1TB/s.

The fully integrated controller board captures content from and displays to a range of signal types including RGB, DVI/HDMI, component, composite and S-video sources. Integrating input and output plus support for all types of channels in one single-slot controller board simplifies inventory management, while its standard form factor makes it easy to integrate into any video wall processor.

Alain Thiffault, business development manager, Matrox Graphics, said that the Mura’s upstream and downstream capabilities on a single board — at four times the performance of other options on the market — sets a new benchmark for display wall applications.

“By replacing existing multiboard set offerings, integrators can now easily exploit a mainstream computer’s available system slots to drive boardroom-type installs or use our custom switch fabric to comfortably power large-scale visualization and collaboration environments,” Thiffault said.

The new addition to the Matrox family of Display Wall Controller boards supports the company’s Display Wall API interface to allow current OEM customers to use their existing wall management software, without any additional development, when transitioning from the existing Matrox VPX and Matrox PPX product lines. Matrox Display Wall SDK now offers a new management interface, network API and RS-232 control to help new customers shorten their time to market.

The new Mura controller board is designed for Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit systems. Developer kits are available.