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New Study Examines TV Advertising Trends

In-Stat has released a new study of television advertising trends. It shows that while TV is still the best conduit for advertising, other delivery methodologies are beginning to steal some of its thunder. Chief rivals are the Internet and mobile services.

“Advertising buyers understand the current complex nature of the U.S. media delivery industry, and it will take them time, effort, and education to learn how to adapt what they already do to the new hardware-based opportunities that seem so promising,” says Gerry Kaufhold, In-Stat analyst. “Customer-specific advertising that targets identifiable ethnic, cultural, language, or special interest audiences will see above-average growth rates through 2012. Geographic and hardware-based advertising from cable TV operators will surge forward beginning in 2010.”

The study is titled “U.S. Addressable TV Advertising” and includes an analysis of the tools available to broadcasters for addressable TV advertising.

The report found that transitional television advertising attached to popular shows is the best way to obtain repeatable audiences, and that specialized program services focusing on such elements as community, ethnicity, sports and language will continue to increase the number of customer-based TV advertising outlets. Also, it flags problems in the areas of creating and managing solutions that work across all possible delivery platforms.