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New Streambox video transport solution provides HD at low bandwidth

Streambox is unveiling the SBT3-9100 system, which uses Streambox's ACT-L3 codec and contains advanced networking capabilities. New features of the Streambox HD release include:

  • The ability to output HD and downconverted SD broadcast video simultaneously.
  • Support for both digital and analog HD input/output formats.
  • Support for data rates ranging from 512kb/s to 20Mb/s.
  • Store-and-forward for enhanced management of HD video streams.
  • Availability of a PsF option, which makes the solution ideal for film production and post production.

The end-to-end SBT3-9100 system provides real-time HD video at low bandwidth without sacrificing broadcast quality. Robust forward error correction enhances system performance, efficiency and reliability while delivering full-motion, full-frame 1080i/720p broadcast video and audio over IP-based networks.

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