New Display Interface to Replace VGA

A consortium of PC and consumer electronics companies including Apple, Intel and Samsung, are developing a new specification designed to serve as the next-generation digital display interface standard for PCs.

The unified display interface (UDI) is expected to eventually replace the VGA analog standard. The interface will be able to use High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) technology deployed in HDMI-compatible products. UDI will maintain backward compatibility with DVI displays.

"We welcome this new secure digital interface with even higher image quality," said Chris Cookson, president, Warner Bros. Technical Operations and CTO, Warner Bros. Studios. "Technologies like HDCP allow exciting new consumer opportunities by assuring that a diverse range of choices can be offered. We support the UDI specification initiative."

Other members of the UDI Special Interest Group (SIG) include LG Electronics, National Semiconductor and Silicon Image.