New Century Productions selects UTAH-400 for new HD OB truck

North American mobile production facilities provider New Century Productions will deploy a UTAH-400 HD routing switcher in its new HD outside broadcast unit, NCP-XI, which is now being built in Pittsburgh.

As a 10-camera, 53ft, expanding-side trailer that will travel without a support unit, the NCP-XI is smaller and lighter than the other HD trucks in the NCP fleet and will be used to cover regional sports.

It is aimed at serving the needs of local and regional broadcasters who want to break into HD. NCP-XI is scheduled to hit the road in mid-January.

NCP's UTAH-400 HD router, loaded as 224 x 552, incorporates an AES and AA audio router and associated control panels. The UTAH-400 is based on a matrix architecture that reduces system complexity, resulting in a router that is compact and with low power consumption. Utah Scientifics’ control panels are well-suited for a busy, fully booked truck because they require little programming and are designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

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