New Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters for HD Lenses

Band Pro Film & Digital introduces the Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters, a set of high-quality diopters in +1 and +2 magnification. They are optimized to work in conjunction with ZEISS and will also work well with other high-quality 2/3" HD lenses. Ideal for extreme close-ups or wide-angle shots with a shallow depth of field, Carl Zeiss DigiDiopters attach easily to the front of the lens to provide increased close-focus range and magnification capability.

DigiDiopters employ a unique, achromatic dual-lens assembly to minimize color fringing and spherical aberration—common problems with traditional single lens diopters. The ZEISS optical design ensures a high resolution, high contrast image with consistent precision anywhere in the frame. Carefully selected optical glass elements and the Zeiss proprietary T* anti-reflective coating—the same coating applied to their DigiPrime, and DigiZoom lenses—reduce light loss and flare while improving transmission for crisp images with saturated colors and accurate blacks. DigiDiopters are designed to optically match the DigiPrime, and DigiZoom's color balance, contrast, and overall image quality.

Weighing about 10 ounces (285g) each, Zeiss DigiDiopters can be attached to the camera lens—or to each other—via a single thumbscrew. A unique self-centering clamping mechanism maintains a proper distance between diopter and lens and keeps them parallel to each other, ensuring optimal image quality. This mounting system puts the least amount of stress on the lens itself, while keeping the DigiDiopters securely in place. It also allows stacking a +1 and +2 diopter together on the front of the lens for a +3 magnification.

The ZEISS DigiDiopters are manufactured at the Carl Zeiss Optics factory in Oberkochen, Germany and marketed worldwide exclusively by Band Pro Film & Digital. For more information, go to