Network Electronics expands VikinX router line

Network Electronics has expanded its modular VikinX router line to include 256 X 256 versions.

The new routers — the VD256256L and HD256256L — provide hot-swappable module cards, built-in dual redundant power supply and redundant control architecture and controller functions.

Control features include a TCP/IP control interface and TCP/IP interconnectivity with VikinX modular control panels, SNMP agent, as well as a comprehensive surveillance of the routers' vital parameters.

The routers include the company's new 16-signal-wide Bridge Line bus, which allows any signal in the router to route through the Flashlink signal processing plug-in and fiber-optic devices.

Bridge Lines make it possible to switch line or frame synchronizers, A/D and D/A converters or fiber-optical interfaces internally into the signal path.

VD256256L and HD256256L features include:

  • multirate support from 19.4Mb/s–540Mb/s with re-clocking (VD256256L);
  • multirate support from 19.4Mb/s–1485Mb/s with re-clocking (HD256256L);
  • digital audio AES3-id support;
  • SD-SDI, HD-SDI video and AES audio in one frame;
  • eight monitoring outputs.

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