NEP's Screenworks Provides 'Massive' Display for NASCAR at Talladega

CORONA, CALIF.—NEP’s Screenworks said it provided an unprecedented display solution for the International Speedway Corp. during the Camping World Truck Series and Sprint Series NASCAR Races at the Talladega Superspeedway in mid-October. Their large-scale solution included three 46-foot-wide LED screens on custom 64-foot-high towers and one 80-foot-wide LED screen on a custom 88-foot-high tower. These screens, constructed over five days on-site, greatly enhanced the experience for the tens of thousands of fans at the Superspeedway for the races.

“In over 20 years creating display solutions to enhance the live viewing experience at race tracks around the country, this is by far the biggest we have done yet. We have been working with the International Speedway Corporation since 1996, so we were really excited to have the opportunity to create such a unique, massive solution for them,” said director of Race Operations and Special Projects for Screenworks, Sam Artinger.

The scale of the LED screens was so large that they required a crew of 17 people to construct utilizing four 53-foot tractor-trailers of scaffolding, four 53-foot tractor-trailers of LED panels, eight generators, 28 two-ton chain hoists and over 638,000 pounds of concrete ballast. The main, 80-foot wide screen was created from Screenworks’ X12mm LED panels and the additional three screens utilized Screenworks X10mm LED panels. Combined, these four screens displayed a dazzling 5.1 million pixels. Event Scaffold Resources provided the custom towers.

Video was fed to the screens via fiber from NEP’s mobile television production trucks on site supporting the live broadcast of the race. From the mobile television production truck, they had access to footage from 50 cameras on the track and in the pit, as well as three additional cameras dedicated to capturing footage just for the screens.