NEP Visions has Asian Games covered

Using a variety of broadcast equipment, the production arm of NEP will provide complete coverage of the games in HD.
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Trio Video now owns 40 Grass Valley LDK 6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras (pictured), three Kalypso HD video production center switchers and three Trinix HD video routers.

NEP Visions, a division of NEP Broadcasting, will capture more than 2000 hours of the 15th Annual Asian Games in Doha, Qatar (Dec. 1-15), in HD. NEP is working closely with Host Broadcast Services (HBS) and IMG Media in covering the event, which will be watched by more than 1 million people worldwide.

Using equipment from both the UK and the U.S., NEP will provide exclusive coverage of the Asian Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, and all the athletics and gymnastics in HDTV, in addition to extensive coverage of the various competitions.

To cover the 39 sporting events from more than 40 venues, NEP Visions has secured a significant amount of production equipment, nearly 95 tons of equipment in fly packs to Doha. Additionally, NEP Visions is sending more than 80 digital architects and engineers to work on site.

NEP Visions will establish 12 production galleries spread throughout the games, all of which will feed into four master control rooms — three SD and one HD.

Equipment for the event includes: 30 Grass Valley LDK 6000 HD cameras, nine LDK 6200 Super SloMo HD cameras, eight LDK 23 Super SloMo SD cameras and 42 LDK 200 SD cameras. There’s also 10 Sony HDW recording tape decks and three Sony DVS 7350 production switchers; two Grass Valley Kalypso HD switchers; 14 HD EVS XTs and 15 SD EVS XTs; and 12 Yamaha MC7L - 48 input sound desks. Additionally, NEP Visions has shipped more than 1000 monitors and 270 microphones.

Sanctioned by the Olympic Council of Asia, the Asian Games, which take place every four years, is the second largest international multisport, multinational event after the Olympic games.

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