NEP Rolls Out New 4K Mobile Unit, Supershooter 5

NEP Group Supershooter 5
(Image credit: NEP Group)

PITTSBURGH—NEP Group has unveiled a new mobile unit, the Supershooter 5, a 1080p-ready and 4K-capable fully IP mobile unit. 

The Supershooter 5 is the first truck from NEP to feature its new proprietary broadcast control and monitoring system that assists with the configuration and connection of on-site and remote facilities.

“With our broadcast control system, we can really harness the power of this technology while reducing complexity and speeding up the configuration process. It is really transformative and will help us bridge the gap between existing and future technologies,” said Glen Levine, president of NEP’s U.S. Broadcast Services Group.

In addition, Andrew Jordan, NEP’s global CTO, says that the new broadcast control system will help bring NEP’s mobile units, flypacks, studios and centralized production facilities onto the same platform.

Supershooter 5 is a single-truck unit that offers a flexible support truck when additional production space is needed. It is equipped with Grass Valley’s Kayenne X-Frame switcher, a Calrec Apollo audio console, Sony HDC-3500 cameras and EVS XT VIA servers.

NEP has already put the Supershooter 5 out into the field, as it was used for The Masters golf tournament in April.

For more information, visit NEP’s website