NEP Labs Expands to Offer Full-Time Focus on Broadcast Solutions

PITTSBURGH —NEP will expand NEP Labs, the company’s research and development branch dedicated to creating new technologies for mobile broadcasting professionals. Jeff Joslin, previously the company’s vice president of engineering, will fill the newly-created position of vice president of NEP Labs and chief engineer, reporting to Chief Technology Officer George Hoover.

“As a long-time driver of innovation at NEP, Jeff is ideal to assume this full-time, dedicated role,” said NEP CEO Kevin Rabbitt. “We’re confident he will lead NEP Labs to develop breakthroughs in areas such as new technologies and interfaces, improved workflows, and technical processes across all NEP brands worldwide.”

Created in 2011, NEP Labs is responsible for several innovations designed to streamline engineering tasks aboard NEP’s mobile broadcast units. One such system, spearheaded by Joslin, is nSight — a real-time automatic system for monitoring, controlling and troubleshooting broadcast facilities. NEP Labs is also involved in scientific evaluation and grading of products to guide equipment purchase decisions.

NEP Labs is now staffed with two full-time resources and one part-time developer, and the company plans to expand the staff in 2013. The organization’s focus includes prioritizing projects and identifying those that will add the most value, including the mobile units division. NEP Labs will work with manufacturers who provide sophisticated and yet generic broadcasting technologies, and then simplify and tailor the solutions to meet the specific requirements of live mobile television production workflows.

“For more than three decades, NEP has been dedicated to developing and applying new technologies and solutions to meet our clients’ evolving requirements,” Joslin said. “Now, with the expansion of NEP Labs, we have an even more formalized process for identifying and creating systems that make the job of live broadcasting easier and more repeatable. One of our key objectives is to offer solutions for simplifying optimizing equipment setup. The goal is to free engineers from time-consuming configuration and allow them to maximize their creative and prep time for a broadcast.”