NBCU Opts for XDCAM for ENG

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, NBC Universal will use Sony XDCAM HD systems as its primary ENG source. Sony has provided 30 PDW-700 cameras and 170 PDW-HD1500 decks to NBCU for the event.

NBC crews will use the Sony camcorders to record athlete arrivals, interviews, press conferences and any other assignments that require portable recording and capture. NBCU’s Telemundo network will also use PDW-700 camcorders at its stand-up location overlooking the Olympic Stadium.

“From our experience with previous versions of XDCAM systems, we were confident that the technology had the right combination of features, quality and performance,” said David Mazza, senior vice president of engineering for NBC Olympics.

The new XDCAM HD 4:2:2 models include the PDW-700 2/3-inch CCD camcorder and the PDW-HD1500 recording deck, as well as a dual-layer 50 GB version of Sony’s optical Professional Disc media, Model PFD50DLA.