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NBC taps TANDBERG Television for Olympics HD encoding systems

NBC is using TANDBERG Television MPEG-4 AVC video processing solutions during its coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This is the first Olympics in which MPEG-4 AVC will be used for HD content contribution. NBC is deploying TANDBERG Television HD encoders, professional receiver/decoders, multiplexers, modulators, IP adapters and other control equipment at the International Broadcast Center (IBC) in Beijing and in the United States.

The TANDBERG Television EN8090 HD MPEG-4 AVC encoder is encoding HD coverage sent to the United States via NBC's contribution network. The raw video and audio feeds captured at the events are transported from the IBC to the NBC studios for U.S. distribution before post production. TANDBERG Television encoders are compressing the contribution feeds sent to NBC Universal cable affiliates and delivered via MPEG-2 to the cable headends.

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