NBC, Fox to Partner on Newsgathering

NBC and Fox announced a plan this week to share newsgathering resources in selected U.S. cities, starting in January.

The plan aims to reduce the number of reporters, truck and helicopters used for newsgathering and is part of an overall effort on the part of both networks to cut costs. The setup will be launched at the two networks’ Philadelphia O&O’s--NBC’s WCAU and Fox’s WTXF in January, after a successful test conducted in that market last summer.

The networks will operate a jointly run assignment desk, which will determine which events will be covered and by which station. The networks plan to expand the joint partnership to stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas and Washington. They also plan to offer the footage to other TV, radio, print and online news outlets.

The announcement represents a continuing effort, particularly from NBC, to shake up its news services. The network previously announced that it is transitioning WNBC, its New York City O&O, into a 24-hour news channel and plans to expand this effort to its O&O’s in other markets.