National Press Club offered free HD coverage of inaugural parade with Harris technology

The National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center used digital broadcast technology from Harris to provide Internet and television viewers worldwide with live HD coverage of the presidential inaugural parade route via a live rooftop camera feed from downtown Washington, D.C. The video feed — offering a clear view down Pennsylvania Avenue — was made available to broadcasters by the National Press Club and showcased on the Harris Web site for the general public to view. Archive video of the parade is now available on the Harris and National Press Club Web sites at and

From its Broadcast Operations Center on the fourth floor of the National Press Building, the Club can connect to broadcasters worldwide via full-time fiber feeds and satellite communications.

Harris engineers worked with the National Press Club to design the system, manage the installation, and provide technical services and support. The live video was captured using an HD robotic camera and was stored on a Harris NEXIO advanced media platform. Two Harris X75 processors performed the necessary signal downconversion, and a Videotek TVM-950 signal analyzer verified the quality of the signal. Finally, the company’s OPTO fiber-optic module transported the signal to a distribution Partner, who coordinated the upload of the signal for broadcast.

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