NASCAR Media Group Picks Pablo Color Corrector

NASCAR Media Group has selected Quantel's Pablo nonlinear color correction system for use in the organization's editing facility in Charlotte, N.C.

The system will be initially used for finishing and color correction of the more than 900 post production projects done yearly at the facility. It is being equipped with Quantel's Stereoscopic 3D toolset, Quantel's Neo control panel and RED camera content capability.

"NASCAR Media Group is very excited to partner with Quantel in light of ever expanding needs for world-class color correction of traditional workflows as well as new paradigm-changing technologies like that of RED," said Jeff Lowe, managing director of broadcast and media technology for NMG. "We are really looking forward to working with the new 3D option that allows Pablo to edit with 3D files in real time, something we could only do with Quantel."

NASCAR Media Group is an entertainment, media and marketing organization that creates and produces NASCAR event-related programming.