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NAB Show Special Attractions Include 200-inch, Glasses-free 3D

WASHINGTON: The NAB Show’s International Research Park (IRP) is set to feature an array of new and emerging technologies at this year’s convention, including a 200-inch, glasses-free 3D projection system.

IRP is presented by NAB Labs, with the goal of promoting advanced work in the realms of academic, government and commercial research. It will be open to all convention goers during the NAB Show, April 16-19.

"A visit to the International Research Park will give you a glimpse into the future of our industry," said NAB Chief Technology Officer Kevin Gage, in a press release. "Research organizations are making fundamental breakthroughs that are propelling innovation and impacting prospects for the future."

The 3D projection system’s reveal, presented by Japanese national research lab National Institute for Information and Communication Technology, will reportedly be the first in the U.S. The optimal, glasses-free “viewing zone” will be able to hold approximately 30 people.

Other IRP demonstrations will include hybrid radio and television broadcasting proposals, multi-sensory media presentation, 4k video streaming, high-dynamic range and multi-spectral video and more.