NAB Highlights Work of Broadcasters

WASHINGTON: The National Association of Broadcasters has issued a special edition of its Licensed to Serve newsletter. The newsletter carries the subhead “A Chronicle of Broadcasters’ Community Service Initiatives.”

The issue in question highlights the activities of radio and TV stations in the areas around Indiana and Kentucky in the wake of recent tornadoes. The activities, from individual stations and multichannel corporations, were heavily centered upon relief and fundraising for victims.

However, it also notes that at the frantic moments of the storms: “Radio and television broadcasters provided wall-to-wall storm coverage. Stations served as lifelines of information for residents who were in the tornadoes’ path.”

It adds, “Once the weather calmed, broadcasters were some of the first on the scene, capturing images of the damage, reconnecting loved ones and organizing fundraisers to support the relief effort.”

-- Radio World